Industrial - High and Low Temperature XFP Transceiver
Industrial XFP transceiver, which is used in the field of industrial control Ethernet switch equipment, due to the use of network standards open and good, widely used; can adapt to low temperature, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-salt spray, strong earthquake resistance. Using a transparent and unified TCP / IP protocol, Ethernet has become the main communication standard in the field of industrial control. Mainly used in industrial control automation, road traffic control automation, mine automatic control system, oil field control automation, hydropower station control automation, power system control automation. XFP transceiver is more suitable for "civilian", more common, common. In the harsh environment, all aspects of resistance than industrial grade.

The Fiberland series is a green industrial XFP transceiver that supports two Ethernet ports and one optical port. The RS Series offers 12/24/48 VDC redundant power input with a rugged IP40 aluminum housing and supports rail mounting and high EMI / EMC protection, working over a wide temperature range of -40 to 85 ° C and via 100 % Of the aging test to ensure quality. The RS series offers these features to provide a cost-effective industrial solution.

● Features
12/24/48 VDC dual redundant power supply
Jumbo frame transfer rate up to 10KB
Power or port failure can be triggered by relay output
Broadcast storm protection
Operating temperature - 40 ~
PoE function is optional

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