Introduction to SFF Transceivers
Introduction to SFF Transceivers
What is SFF Transceiver?

SFF (Small Form Factor) is welded small package optical transceiver usually with 2×5 or 2×10 pinout, with the general speed of less than 1250Mbps and using LC interface. Small Form Factor (SFF) Transceiver Multi-source Agreement (MSA) was established by defines the package outline, circuit board layout, and pin function definition.SFF small package optical transceiver adopts advanced precision optics and integrated circuit process, those make it is 25% smaller than SFP cage assemblies, 30% smaller than traditional 1×9 transceivers or 70% smaller than GBIC optics.The SFF package allows designers of Gigabit Ethernet networking equipment to maximize their use of available board space.

Figure 1 SFP+ Typical SFF 2×5 Transceiver
Typical SFF 2x5 Transceiver
Types of SFF Transceiver
Transceivers Types
Data Rate 155Mbps SFF,622Mbps SFF,1250Mbps SFF,2488Mbps SFF,4250Mbps SFF
Operation Temperature Standard SFF,Industrial SFF
The difference between SFF, GBIC, 1×9 and SFP
Transceivers Mechanical Dimension Data Rate Connector Pinout Support Hot Pluggable MSA Compliant
1×9 Medium 0.5Mb,2Mb,155Mb,622Mb,1.25Gb,2.5Gb SC,FC,ST or Pigtail 9 Pin NO NA
SFF Smallest 155Mb,622Mb,1.25Gb,2.5Gb,4.25Gb LC,SC 2×5 Pin,2×10 Pin No SFF MSA
GBIC Biggest 155Mb,622Mb,1.25Gb SC 20 Pin No GBIC MSA
SFP Medium 155Mb,622Mb,1.25Gb,2.5Gb,4.25Gb,6Gb LC 20 Pin Yes SFP MSA
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