The Fiber-optic Network Card Provides Users With Reliable Fiber Connection
Fiber-optic network card used in Ethernet, or storage, Ethernet with the general referred to as fiber-optic network card, storage with the general called HBA card, are inserted into the server inside, a then Ethernet switch, a storage with the Fiber switch.

Fiber-optic network card "generally refers to the FC HBA card, plug in the server, external storage with the fiber switch; and optical Ethernet card is generally called" fiber Ethernet card "is also inserted in the server, Fiber NIC Card but it is connected with light Mouth of the Ethernet switch.
The Fiber-optic Network Card Provides Users With Reliable Fiber Connection
The fiber-optic network card provides a reliable fiber connection for users on a fast Ethernet network. It is particularly suitable for access to information points beyond the five-line access distance (100m), which can be used to completely replace the RJ45 interface Ethernet External photoelectric converter network structure, to provide users with reliable fiber to the home and fiber to the desktop solution. Fiber NIC Card Users can choose according to the use of fiber interface parameters (including connectors, single / multi-mode fiber, working distance, etc.).

Fiber network card characteristics

Plug and play compatible with IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-SX / 1000Base-LX Ethernet standard 100Mbps or 1000Mbps Ethernet fiber access, can work in full / half duplex mode, full-duplex mode can provide 200Mbps or 2000Mbps bandwidth PCI-X standard compatible

Supports IEEE 802.3x traffic control
Support IP unicast, broadcast, Fiber NIC Card multicast address filtering mechanism
Support for priority queues Supports IEEE 802.1Q / VLAN tags
Support IP multicast packet filtering, reducing CPU share
With advanced management capabilities
Fiber Optic Ethernet Card Network Protocol and Standard IEEE 802.3Z 1000Base-SX / 1000Base-LX Ethernet Standard
IEEE 802.3x flow control protocol
IEEE 802.1q VLAN tag
GVRP VLAN Registration Protocol
IEEE 802.1p priority control
ACPI 2.0 advanced configuration and power management interface
PCI-X standard

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