40G QSFP + What is the working principle of the cable?
Last week, some customers asked me some information about the 40G QSFP+ & 4*10G SFP+. So in order to know more better about the products, we now share the working principles with you, hope it can be helpful for you and your business.

Totally, for the wavelength of 40G QSFP+, the 4 channels are different ---- 1270/1290/1310/1330nm.

1. 40G QSFP+ to connect 40G QSFP+: When you connect the QSFP+ to QSFP+, the transmit wavelength are 1270/1290/1310/1330nm, and the receiving side are also 1270/1290/1310/1330nm.
And you don't need to worry that how the receiving side receive the correct wavelength, there is an array principle between the two, the receiving side can find which wavelength is the correct one by itself when receiving.

2. 40G QSFP+ to 4*10G SFP+ modules: When you connect the QSFP+ to 4* 10G SFP+ modules, 4 channels wavelength of the 40G QSFP+ are not changed(still 1270/1290/1310/1330nm), and the 4*10G SFP+ can receive the wavelength from 1270 to 1610nm, so don't need to define the 4*10G SFP+ wavelength to match the 4 channel of 40G QSFP+.  
The receiving side can receive all the wavelength from 1270 to 1610nm.

3. 40G QSFP+ to 4*10G SFP+ DAC cable: Because the DAC cable are the electric cable, so there is no wavelength in them (both QSFP+ and SFP+).
For  the DAC, it only transmits the electric signal, and it only divides the one electric signal of QSFP+ to 4 electric signals of SFP+.
So no needs to define the wavelength, there is no wavelength.

4. 40G QSFP+ to 4*10G SFP+ AOC cable: There only has the short distance of 40G QSFP+ to 4*10G SFP+ AOC, the 40G QSFP+ is the SR4, 850nm MPO connector. 
In MPO, there are 12pcs Pins , use 8pins for 850nm and then the 10G SFP+ receive 4*850nm to transmit the data.

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