How to buy XFP transceiver?
When purchasing XFP transceivers, note the following:
1, whether it supports full-duplex and half-duplex?
Some chips on the market can only use the full-duplex environment, can not support half-duplex, such as access to other brands of switches (SWITCH) or collector (HUB), and it uses half-duplex mode, it will cause Serious conflict and packet loss.
2. Is it connected with other photoelectric converters?
Currently on the market more and more photoelectric converter transceiver, such as the compatibility of different brands of transceivers have not done before the test will also have packet loss, transmission time is too long, suddenly high and slow slowly and so on.
3, whether there is a security device to prevent packet loss?
Some manufacturers in the manufacture of photoelectric converter transceiver, in order to reduce costs, the use of register (Register) data transfer mode, the biggest drawback of this approach is unstable transmission, packet loss, and the best is the use of buffer line design, Can be safe to avoid data packet loss.
4, temperature adaptability?
Photoelectric converter itself will produce high heat, the temperature is too high (generally not large and 85 ° C), XFP transceiver is working properly? What is the maximum allowable operating temperature? For a long-term need to run the device this is worth our attention!
5, whether there is in line with IEEE802.3u standard?
Photoelectric converter such as IEEE802.3 standard, that is, delay time control at 46bit, such as more than 46bit, then the XFP transceiver will reduce the transmission distance!
6, after-sales service
In order to make timely and timely response to after-sales service, it is recommended that customers choose the region with the strength, technical strength, reputable professional firms. And only the professional company's technical engineers to eliminate the experience of the fault is more abundant, the detection of fault tools more advanced!
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