How to Test a XFP Transceiver?
After installing the XFP transceiver, testing its performance is an essential step. How to test it? You may get the answer on this article.

There are four steps in testing an XFP transceiver (As shown in the following picture), which mainly includes the transmitter testing and receiver testing.

Transmitter Testing
There are two steps to test a transmitter:
How to Test a XFP Transceiver?
1. The input signal used to test the transmitter must be good enough. And also need to confirm the quality of electrical measurement by jitter measurement and eye diagram measurement. Eye diagram measurements are common ways to check transmitter output waveform, because eye diagram contains abundant information, can reflect the overall performance of the transmitter.
2. The optical output of the transmitter must be tested using several optical quality metrics such as eye diagram test, OMA (optical modulation amplitude), and Extinction Ratio.
Receiver Testing

To test a receiver, there are also two steps:
3. Unlike testing the transmitter, the quality of the optical signal must be poor enough when testing the receiver.

4、Finally, the electronic output signal of the receiver needs to be tested. There are three main types:
※ Eye diagram test, which ensures the “eyes” of eye diagram are open. The eye diagram test is usually achieved by BER(bit error ratio) depth
※ Jitter Test, testing different types of jitter
※ Jitter tracking and tolerance, testing the tracking of jitter in the internal clock recovery circuit

All in all, testing a optical transceiver is a complex job, but it is an indispensable step to ensure its performance. Fiberland provides all kinds of transceivers, which can be compatible with many brands, such as Cisco, HUAWEI, ZTE, Allied Telesis, HP, Brocade, DELL, Juniper. In Fiberland, each transceiver will be tested to ensure our customers to receive the products with superior quality.  

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