Optical module solutions for Ruijie RG-S5750-E/P series switch
Ruijie, leading brands of Chinese data communication solutions. Over the years, they have taken root in industry, deep scene for product design and innovation. Build end to end solutions for industry users and create new value for customer networks.

RG-S5750-E/P Series switch is a new generation of three layer switch combines high performance, high security, multi service launched by Ruijie. Excellent security and anti attack capabilities, not only to ensure network security, but also to bring users different network experience. Want to know the Ruijie RG-S5750-E/P series switches and its optical module solutions? Fiberland will provide you with the most detailed introduction.
RG-S5750-E/P Series switch
Ruijie RG-S5750-E/P Series switch as a new generation of three layer switch. Due to scalable high-density Gigabit ports, manageable virtual switching unit technology, especially suitable for access use of high bandwidth, high performance and flexible extended large network convergence layer, medium-sized network core and data center server group.

What are the characteristics of Ruijie RG-S5750-E/P serial switches?
High performance
IPv4/IPv6 Double stack multi layer switching
Virtualization Technology
Flexible and complete security policy
Strong multi service support capability
Perfect QoS strategy
High reliability
Easy to use and easy to manage

The application of Ruijie RG-S5750-E/P series switches in large network convergence layer, medium network core and data center is particularly wide. Fiberland provides all kinds of Ruijie compatible optical transceiver. All products will be tested on switch to ensure super compatibility, and made a number of high quality testing to ensure its stability. We also provide users with a system solution that helps users build systems that are low cost, cost-effective and manageable stability network.

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