The application of XFP transceiver on HUAWEI switch
HUAWEI is the world's leading provider of telecommunications network solutions. HUAWEI's products and solutions have been applied in more than 170 countries , service for 45 of the world's top 50 operators and 1/3 of population all the world.

HUAWEI's main business scope is including transmission , wireless and data communications telecommunications products , provide network equipment , services and solutions to customers around the world in the field of telecommunications .
The application of XFP transceiver on HUAWEI switch
Today we will share the industry's first 25GE access TOR switches CE8860 of HUAWEI .
CloudEngine 8860(CE8860)series switch is a new high-performance , high-density , low-latency flexible card Ethernet switch .
CE8860 switches provide high-density 100GE/40GE/25GE/10GE ports , support rich data center characteristics and high-performance stacking . Help the enterprises and operators to build data center network platform . CE8860 switches are applied in the core or convergence of the data center , but also can be used for the core or convergence of the campus network .

CE8800 can build flexible , virtual and high-quality data center network combined with the HUAWEI CloudEngine series data center switch CE12800/CE7800/CE6800/CE5800 , meet the needs of Cloud computing era data center on the network .

Product features :
※ The industry's first 25GE access switch
※ High density 100GE/40G convergence , superior capacity
※ High reliability and long-distance stacking , excellent performance
※ Large scale routing bridge , expand according to the need
※ Converged enhanced Ethernet , unified bearer
※ Rapid migration of virtual machine , strategy accompanying
※ Programmable network devices , flexible customization
※ Virtualization hardware gateway , rapid deployment
※ Device zero-configuration deployment , automatic operation and maintenance
※ Strict front and rear air ducts , high efficiency and energy saving
※ Indicator light is perfect , operation and maintenance is simple

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