The problems we met when using XFP transceiver
We will meet some problems when using XFP transceiver, today we will make a summary of the problems.

1. Compatibility(The most basic and the most common situation)
Possible cause: a. Error occurred during import of compatible code
b. The device's software update cause the failure of the original non upgrade compatible code
c. Coding error

2. Product loss
Possible cause: a. The electronic function circuit of optical module and device does not match
b. Main chip and device does not match
c. Physical line fault
d. Equipment failure
e. Routing information error
The problems we met when using XFP transceiver
3. Optical interface pollution and damage
The loss of optical link becomes larger due to the pollution and damage of optical interface, cause optical link failure.
Possible cause:
a. The optical interface exposed in the air, dust into and pollution;
b. The fiber connector end face has been contaminated, the optical interface was secondary pollution;
c. The improper use of Optical Fiber Pigtail end, end scratch etc.;
d. Use poor quality Fiber optic connectors.

4. ESD damage
ESD means ElectroStatic Discharge. Static electricity will absorb dust, changing impedance between lines, affect the function and life of the product.
Factors that cause ESD damage:
a. Dry environment, easy to produce ESD;
b. Abnormal operation, such as Non hot plug optical module live operation; Do not do electrostatic protection and touch optical module with hand directly; without anti-static packaging during transportation and storage;
c. The equipment is not grounded.

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