What are the XFP transceiver connection methods?
Before purchasing XFP transceiver, understand the XFP transceiver connection method, more convenient for users according to their own needs to set up the network to meet the needs of user transmission. XFP transceiver as a signal conversion transmission equipment, the front of the Ethernet signal, through the XFP transceiver transmitter to the Ethernet electrical signal converter for long-distance transmission of optical signals, XFP transceiver will receive the optical signal Electrical signal. The product is generally used in Ethernet networks that can not be covered and must be used to extend the transmission distance of the actual network environment, and are usually located in the broadband layer network access layer applications. Fiberland based on the customer in the process, summed up the 3-point XFP transceiver link method:

First, the ring backbone network
The backbone backbone network is constructed by using SPANNING TREE to construct the backbone of the metro area. This structure can be deformed into a mesh structure, which is suitable for the high density central area on the metropolitan area network, forming a fault-tolerant core backbone network. Ring backbone network support for IEEE.1Q and ISL network features can guarantee compatibility with most mainstream backbone networks, such as cross-switch VLAN, TRUNK and other functions. Ring backbone network for the financial, government, education and other industries set up broadband virtual private network.

Second, the chain backbone network
The chain-type backbone network can save a large number of backbone light quantity by chain connection, which is suitable for constructing high-bandwidth and low-cost backbone network at the edge of the city and the suburbs. The model can also be used for highway, oil and transmission Lines and other environments. Chain backbone network IEEE802.1Q and ISL network characteristics of the support, can guarantee compatible with the vast majority of the backbone network, for the financial, government, education and other industries set up broadband virtual private network. Chain backbone network is able to provide image, voice, data and real-time monitoring of integrated transmission of multimedia networks.

Third, the user access system
User access system using 10Mbps / 100Mbps adaptive and 10Mbps / 100Mbps automatic conversion function, you can connect any client device, no need to prepare a variety of XFP transceiver, the network can provide a smooth upgrade program. At the same time the use of half-duplex / full-duplex adaptive and half-duplex / full-duplex automatic conversion function, you can configure the user inexpensive half-duplex HUB, several times to reduce the cost of the client network, improve network operators The competitiveness of the. At the same time, the built-in switching core of the equipment improves the transmission efficiency of the access equipment, reduces the network broadcasting, controls the flow rate, and detects the transmission failure.

Users know how to buy XFP transceiver before the purchase method, according to the use of the scene to buy equipment, play a multiplier effect, but also save a lot of construction and installation time.

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