XFP transceiver dropped solution
Recently there are many friends who react to their use of XFP transceivers frequently dropped, do not know how to deal with. Today I will tell you about the XFP transceiver dropped when the solution.

XFP transceiver dropped the reasons for the general there are several:

1. Check whether the fiber is over-bent, this affects the optical power.
2. Check whether the fiber head is secure, send a natural instability.
3. Check the optical power of the fiber, this need to inform the maintenance personnel remote network management or direct use of optical power meter test.
4. Check the fiber cat's own problems, fiber cat's own problems can also cause instability, dropped.

From my experience:

If there is frequent dropped calls, restart the normal after. The XFP transceiver itself is the reason.

If dropped or dropped after frequent dropped calls, the majority of fiber jumper reasons.

In addition XFP transceiver dropped and the stability of the switch, such as data congestion and so on.
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