XFP Transceiver Interface Type Features and Applications
XFP transceivers in the current field of communication applications more and more widely, with the industry's in-depth development. XFP transceiver types are also increasingly rich in the interface properties of the XFP transceiver is the most commonly used in three, SC, FC, ST. So what are their characteristics and applications?

SC interface XFP transceiver:
Shape: square mouth
Features: easy to connect, direct plug.
Application: Because of the convenience of his connection, generally used in telecommunications, private markets, businesses, the environment is not strictly required occasions

FC interface XFP transceiver
Shape: round mouth
Features: Strong fixation
Application: general monitoring industry; outdoor use more.

ST interface XFP transceiver
Shape: round bayonet
Features: strong fixation, not easy to loose.
Application: industrial industry, generally used for some vibration, high-intensity industrial environment.

Summary: In fact, with that one does not have a clear request. For XFP transceiver purchase, the first need from the manufacturers of the process, the professional manufacturers in the interface will be more detailed treatment. The fault will be very small.

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