XFP transceiver troubleshooting and handling methods
Failure reasons: XFP transceiver failure may be due to the machine, or the interface caused by more dust, which requires us to fault maintenance process, pay attention to observe the fault inside the machine, whether there is more dust, if it is , Should be carried out first dust, and then follow-up to determine fault maintenance. When troubleshooting the cause of the XFP transceiver, you can troubleshoot the following:
XFP transceiver troubleshooting and handling methods
1, the surrounding environment: including room conditions, temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference, grounding, etc .;

2, the hardware environment; including plugs, seats and trough (plug, seat, slot metal pin on the oxidation phenomenon);

3, the software environment; including the device network management software version and network management software version, agent module version;

4, pay attention to user habits, configuration and other processes.

1, first look at the XFP transceiver or optical module indicators and twisted pair port lights are lit?
A, if the transceiver's optical port (FX) indicator is off, make sure that the fiber link is cross-linked? A-side fiber jumper is parallel to the way; B-side is a cross-way connection.
B, such as the A-port transceiver's optical port (FX) indicator light, B-side transceiver's optical port (FX) indicator does not light, the fault in the A transceiver side:
One possibility is that the A-side transceiver (TX) optical transmitter port is bad because the optical transceiver (RX) of the B-side transceiver does not receive optical signals; the other may be: A-side transceiver (TX) optical transmission There is a problem with this fiber link (cable or ray jumper may be broken).
C, twisted pair (TP) indicator does not light, please determine whether the twisted pair cable is wrong or wrong connection? Please use the on-off tester to detect;
D, and some transceivers have two RJ45 ports: (To HUB) that the connection to the switch cable is a straight line; (To Node) that the connection is connected to the switch cable is a cross line;
E, and some side of the transceiver has MPR switch: that the connection line connecting the switch is a straight line; DTE switch: connecting the switch cable is the cross-line mode.
2, fiber optic cable, fiber jumpers have been broken?
A, cable off detection: laser flashlight, sunlight, light body at the end of the cable connector or coupler light; at the other end to see if there is visible light? If visible light indicates that the cable is not broken.
B, optical fiber connection off detection: laser flashlight, sunlight, light body facing the end of the fiber jumper light; in the other end to see if there is visible light? If visible light indicates that the fiber jumper is not broken.
3, half / full duplex mode is wrong?
Some side of the transceiver has FDX switch: that full duplex; HDX switch: that half duplex
4, with optical power meter to detect XFP transceiver or optical module in the normal circumstances of the luminous power: multi-mode: -10db - 18db between; single mode 20 km: -8db - 15db between; single mode 60 km : -5db - 12db between; if the XFP transceiver in the luminous power: - 30db - 45db between, then you can determine the transceiver has a problem.

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